We are an industry leading, professional operation!

Our guides and instructors are certified by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association, and we have tons of experience. We are innovators in our industry, and in many ways we are helping to "write the book" on mtb guiding standards in BC.

We are fun-loving, passionate mountain bikers!

We love where we live and the trails that we ride. We definitely do not take our jobs for granted and we are very happy to be riding bikes everyday! What a life! What we love the most is sharing our amazing experiences and our passion for riding with all of our guests!

Our tenure, giving back to the trails!

Unlike many other mtb tour operators, we possess a legitimate crown land guiding tenure! A tenure is lengthy and detailed provincially regulated requirement put in place to ensure that operators have all of the necessary land use agreements and licenses in place to ensure safe and sustainable commercial trail use. We work closely with The Revelstoke Cycling Association, The Golden Cycling Club, The Shuswap Trail Alliance, and The North Slocan Trail Society and we are provincially recognized by Recreation Sites and Trails BC. When you book a trip with us you can be certain that a fair portion of your fees go directly back into building and maintaining the trails which we ride!

Your money goes a long way!

Other mtb tour companies operate out of big cities and hire third party guides, paying them a fraction of your trip costs while putting most of your fees into their big corporate pocket. We are a small "mom and pop shop" and we live and work right here in Revelstoke year round. We partner only with other local businesses and individuals to round out our trip packages. You can be assured that 100% of your fees stay right here in our community, helping to develop mountain biking, build trails, create new youth programs and contribute to our local economy!

Small groups!

Our small group format is ideal for the big rides, truck shuttles and heli-drops around Revelstoke. We have one guide per group of 4-5 riders and never more than two groups per trip. Add in our friendly and local chef, lodge staff and drivers and we guarantee that you will be well taken care of during your vacation! For daily or hourly guided tours our maximum group size is 6 guests per guide.

You get more!

We give you more than any other bike tour operator, guaranteed! We provide more meals and more riding compared to any other similarly scheduled and priced mtb vacation package. You will find our trip prices to be very reasonable for what is included!

Stay at our Revelstoke based Lodge!

Most other vacation packages seem to spend lots of time on the road, driving from place to place, loading and unloading gear, setting up and tearing down at every destination. Revelstoke is the epicenter of the best riding in Eastern BC so get comfortable in your home base and access all the best rides without wasting any time!