Mountain biking at Macpherson trails, in Revelstoke BC

Mt. Macpherson TrailsGreen to Black

Mt. Macpherson is Revelstoke's XC Mountain Biking Mecca. Featuring over 50 km's of sweet Revy singletrack paired with abundant doubletrack, the loop possibilities are endless. With new trails being developed each year, Macpherson is a must ride during your trip to Revelstoke. Ride the classics like Tantrum, Buff Enough, and Sex on the Beach or check out some new school trails like the new Stimulus loop and the ever popular Flowdown. Trails like TNT, Bermdonor and Dusty Beaver are also not to be missed. There's enough sweet singletrack at Macpherson to keep you spinning for days! Hire a guide to take make the most out of riding here, we know all the trails and the best ways to link them up for maximum fun!

Frisby XC Trail

Frisby Ridge XCBlue Technichal,  Black Physical

Built in 2010, Frisby Ridge is Revelstoke's newest alpine mountain bike trail. This out and back trail is 12.5 km in length and features magnificent views of snow capped peaks in all directions. A long, but gradual climb of roughly 700 meters will bring you to a high point along Frisby Ridge where you will then cruise down to a small alpine lake. The lake is inviting for a dip on warm sunny days. A new loop section has been completed this year providing even more amazing views and an optional loop around and up to the high point for those wishing to bypass the lake, and the climb out from it.

With the big climb behind you, this long and buff roller coaster descent will leave you speechless. The incredibly smooth trail features loads of small hits, loamy berms and fast side-hill sections. Always keep your head up as your blasting down, climbers have the right of way on this popular trail. If you've planned your day properly, continue on from the parking lot to the Ultimate Frisby DH Trail to ride right to valley bottom. All combined, an epic descent of nearly 5000 feet/20 KMs!

Keystone Standard Basin

Keystone Standard Basin Black

The Keystone Standard Basin Trail should be at the top of every mountain bikers bucket list. This truly epic ride features some of the best views around paired with oh so sweet alpine singletrack. After the initial 2km grunt up the steep and technical trail, you will arrive in the alpine meadows overlooking Keystone Basin. From here the trail mellows out a bit and takes you up and down and up and down, across numerous avalanche paths covered in alpine wildflowers and over beautiful waterfall drainages. At 11km you will reach the usual turn around spot at the Keystone Cabin tucked in beside a beautiful sub-alpine lake. Take a break, fuel up and enjoy tackling the trail in reverse.

Keystone Standard Basin to Standard Peak

Keystone Standard Basin to Standard PeakDouble Black

If you're looking for a unique backcountry mountain bike adventure, the Standard Peak ride might be for you! An extension of the Keystone Standard Basin trail, continue on past the Keystone Cabin to the summit of Standard Peak. This is a truly amazing adventure with several hike-a-bike sections through steep rugged terrain. The trail is faint or non-existent in spots and it is relatively easy to get off track so please make sure to do your homework before you attempt this big ride. It is also a good idea to leave detailed trip plans with someone as there is no cell service anywhere on this ride which brings you deep into the backcountry. Totalling roughly 42km and 6000 feet of climbing and descending this trip seems to take an average of about 9 hours, and is not for the faint of heart. Read more about Standard Peak (The trail has been cleared since this report was written).

Mountain biking at Sol Mountain Lodge, near Revelstoke BC

Sol Mountain LodgeGreen to Black

Located deep in the Monashee Mountains south of Revelstoke lies Sol Mountain Lodge. Sol is well known for their incredible ski touring during the winter and they have recently developed an alpine singletrack mountain bike trail network to show off during the summer months! With 20km's of singletrack ready to ride and endless amounts of rock-slab freeriding and hike-a-bike adventures to be had, Sol is quickly becoming a destination backcountry mountain bike lodge. For more info, photos and videos, check out Sol Mountain and Get Rad.

Joss Mountain Lookout Trail

Joss Mountain Lookout TrailDouble Black

A full on backcountry hike & bike adventure, this steep 8.5 km hiking trail will bring you to the summit of Joss Mountain and an old fire lookout located west of Revelstoke. The views from the summit are amazing in all directions and the entire upper half of the ride rolls through beautiful wide open alpine meadows. Mostly a hike-a-bike up with some ride-able sections the climb is worth the 100% ride-able descent. Super fun, fast and flowy in spots, steep and techy in others, Joss Mountain is an incredible adventure ride!

Mt Cartier

Mt. CartierBlue to Double Black

A popular early season ride, the Lower Mt. Cartier Rec. Trail is a fast and buffed out 2.5 km trail to a lookout above the Columbia River. The Upper Mt. Cartier Trail is something entirely different! Trailhead to Summit, this trail totals 17 km's each way and has a climb/descent of over 7000 vertical feet! Though this trail is pretty much a hike-a-bike the whole way up, it is 100% AMAZINGLY ride-able on the way down, probably the longest descent of your life??! Die-hards are pushing up this trail right to the summit, enjoying the views and shredding the 7000' descent, some are even riding it from town! Others, perhaps with bigger bikes and less time or energy, are hiring local helicopter companies to do heli-bike drops! A truly epic adventure! Contact us to arrange your heli-drop.

Eagle Pass Mountain

Eagle Pass Mountain Black

Another Revelstoke hike-a-bike adventure, this trail is relatively short, but steep and rugged. A solid 6km hike will see you to the summit of Eagle Pass Mountain, where you will be surrounded by amazing views and a different angle on many of the recognizable peaks around Revelstoke. Gear up for the sweet 6km all downhill ride out and try not to get too distracted by the enormous rock slabs surrounding you.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort & Crowbar

Revelstoke Mountain Resort & CrowbarBlue to Black

At RMR, the area around the Revelation Lodge is home to a few old-school hidden gems. Overlooking the town of Revelstoke, these trails feature some gruelling climbs, steep technical descents and thin techy singletrack, a different feel than many other Revelstoke trails . Combine trails like Faultline, Big Easy and Crowbar with some secret singletrack right from town to make a truly unique day ride. During mid-summer months you can even take advantage of the operational Revelation Lodge for food and beverages! Hire a guide or ask a local for this one, you won't find it on any map!

CP Hill and Mt. Revelstoke National Park

CP Hill and Mt. Revelstoke National ParkGreen to Blue

There is plenty of great singletrack riding right here in town on CP Hill and just across the highway in Mt. Revelstoke National Park. The 2km or 5km Soren Sorenson loop trail in the park is open to mountain bikers and the area sandwiched between the highway and the railroad tracks, known as CP Hill, is home to an unsanctioned spider web network of super fun singletrack.

Boulder MountainBlue to Double Black

Boulder Mountain is known as Revelstoke's Freeride Playground. Home to 8 different DH trails plus a few that aren't on the map, Boulder features all kinds of DH and Freeride opportunities. From the newly developed tabletop jump line called Hot-Dog Hallway to the fast, flowy and bermy, machine made, Loggin' Leftovers trail to the "butt on the back tire" steeps of Cash Advance and everything in between. Some trailheads are located as high as 9.5km up forestry roads, meaning big descents! There are also many wooden features here. Bridges, jumps, drops, log skinnies, and wall rides! You could have fun for weeks at Boulder!

Ultimate Frisby DH Trail

Ultimate Frisby DH Trail Black

A classic Revy DH trail, Ultimate Frisby offers up a 1600 foot descent with great cliffside sections along the Jordan River. This popular trail is a great start to your shuttle day as it spits you out at the base of the Boulder Mountain trails leaving you wanting more! It is also often paired with the Frisby Ridge XC trail by many all mountain riders.

Lost Boys

Lost BoysDouble Black

An amazing semi-secret DH trail south of Revelstoke, Lost Boys features loads of steep technical riding with many long steep rock slab rides. A must ride trail for downhillers. Ask a local!

The EPIC Martha Creek DH Trail Black

The Martha Creek Trail on Sale Mountain is a true DH or All Mountain Epic! Shuttle right to the summit of Sale mountain and get ready for your 9km, 5000 foot descent right to the shores of Lake Revelstoke and The Martha Creek Campground. This trail starts with a 2km, somewhat pedally section through the rocky alpine meadows of Sale Mtn before dropping into 7km of steep, technical riding with many fast flowy sections, natural jumps, a few log rides and over 300 meters of boardwalks and bridges! Many people ride this trail on 5' or 6' all mountain bikes, but it seems to be best on big bikes.

Kuskanax Creek and Kimbol Lake Trails - NakuspBlue to Black

The Kuskanax Creek trail is a beautiful 8.5km out and back which originally served as a packhorse route to the old Nakusp Hotsprings. It meanders along the sidehill above Kuskanax Creek and is lined with intense luminous moss and lush green Kootenay Rainforest. After climbing the first couple kms of trail, you will ride unbelievably smooth, thin, flowing singletrack with a few technically difficult sections. At the end of the trail you will find the crumbled remains of old hot pools and the beginning of a whole other adventure.

The Kimbol Lake trail is a 5km hike-a-bike climb through huge old growth forest over steep, technical singletrack. The ride down is very much worth the climb up!

There has been a new pedestrian bridge built over top of Kuskanax Creek from the developed Nakusp Hot Springs to the junction of the Kuskanax and Kimbol Lake trails which provides many options for ride types and lengths as well as linking them up with an après soak in the hot springs!

Box Lake Trails - Nakusp

Box Lake Trails - NakuspGreen to Black

The Box Lake trails just outside of Nakusp are a great place to test your skills if you are just getting into downhill mountain biking and just plain fun if you are already a confident rider! A great ride for the whole group, Box Lake features a variety of short shuttle trails ranging from green to black. It is a perfect place to progress throughout the day. A lakeside lunch, and an après dip in one of the hotsprings in the area makes for a fun, relaxed downhilling day.

Cable car creek crossing, a highlight of the Idaho Peak and New Denver Area Trails

Idaho Peak and New Denver Area TrailsGreen to Black

One of our favourite places to ride, the New Denver to Sandon area around legendary Idaho Peak boasts over 40kms of pinner XC and freeride trails. The area features trails for all abilities and loops that can be created to suit many different tastes. Some highlights of this area, aside from the spectacular backcountry trails, are a cable-car crossing at Carpenter Creek, the Ghost Town of Sandon, and a refreshing dip in Slocan Lake after the ride.

Families and beginner riders will enjoy the Galena trail, while all-mountain freeriders will have fun shredding trails like Choices, Old Sandon Rd, and the Wakefield Trail to name a few.

Ask us about how to combine riding in this area with Box Lake (see above) and some lesser known trails above the Unincorporated Community of Rosebery for one of the best shuttle-assisted all-mountain day trips around!

Seven Summits Trail - Rossland

Seven Summits Trail - Rossland Black

Rossland's famous Seven Summits Trail should be on every serious mountain bikers hit list. It is one of only 2 trails in Canada to be designated an "I.M.B.A. Epic Ride" and it certainly is that! Recommended for fit, advanced riders or very seriously fit and strong willed intermediate riders, this trail will test all of your limits while providing you with serious fun climbs, fast technical descents and over 15km of alpine ridgeline riding with amazing views. 35kms in total this point to point trail has roughly 3600 feet of climbing and 6500 feet of descending!

Rubberhead DH Trail Network - Salmon Arm

Rubberhead DH Trail Network - Salmon ArmGreen to Black

A good variety of flowy singletrack downhill trails provide something for everyone here. Another great place to progress your DH riding skills. Check out Anthill Films' From the Inside Out for a great segment of Matt Hunter shredding some of the Rubberhead trails!

Moonraker, Canyon Creek and CBT Trails - Golden

Moonraker, Canyon Creek and CBT Trails - GoldenGreen to Black

Golden is another quiet mountain town that is home to endless amounts of buff singletrack! The CBT Mainline and Moonraker/Canyon Creek trails are a great place to spend a day of riding and taking in the great views near the base of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. This area features over 60 kms of buffed out and flowy trails. A long and epic day can be had by riding from town, up some of the new CBT trails to upper Canyon Creek, into Moonraker and across Arrowhead or Tonight Tequila finishing with a great descent down the CBT Mainline Trail and back to town.

Mount 7 DH Trails - Golden

Mount 7 DH Trails - GoldenBlue to Double Black

Home of the RedBull Psychosis bike race, Mount 7 offers 1200m of vertical descent paired with several different options for the advanced intermediate to expert rider. Great views overlooking the Columbia Valley are abundant and plenty of paragliders line the sky on sunny days.