Bike Maintenance Workshop Clinic

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Trailside Repairs & Home Maintenance Clinic

3hr Clinic: All Ages

Learn how to fix your bike on the trail and how to properly maintain it on your own. Make your ride sweeter and smoother while saving time and money!

This is a hands-on workshop with a maximum of 5 people. Bring your bike!

What you'll learn:

  • Common trailside repairs
    • Changing, patching flats w/ tubes
    • Tubeless tire repair & tire plugs
    • Chain breaks & quick links
    • Derailleur adjustments and cable tension
  • Home maintenance
    • Proper cleaning methods
    • Drivetrain maintenance
    • Disc brake adjustments and pad replacement
    • Shifter cable & housing replacements
    • Derailleur setup
    • Suspension setup
  • And more!
Dates:May 13 / June 7 / July 26
Times:6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location:Matt's Garage
Bike Maintenance Workshop Clinic
Bike Maintenance Workshop Clinic
Bike Maintenance Workshop Clinic