Bikes and gear in the garage at Bison Lodge

What to Bring

What to Bring

Here is a list of what to bring on our multi-day BC trips. For international trips, you'll receive a detailed packing and planning checklist after registration.

Your Bike

See our bike recommendations listed for each trip to ensure your bike is suitable for the type of riding we will be doing.

  • check your bike before your trip to ensure that is in good, working condition
  • consider getting a tune up at your local shop if needed

Bike Tools and Spare Parts

Don't worry, we have a full tool kit and workshop at our lodge and your guides will always have a tool kit when riding, but we suggest bringing the following tools along for each ride:

  • multi-tool, preferably with a chain-break tool
  • tire levers
  • tire pump
  • chain lube

We suggest packing the following spare parts specific to your bike:

  • derailleur hanger
  • spare tubes (consider packing more than 1 for big rides)
  • brake pads
  • any other parts that you feel are unique to your bike and may be difficult to find at small local bike shops (better safe than sorry)

Bike Helmet and Armour

A proper fitting bike helmet must be worn at all times while riding. For DH specific shuttle rides, a minimum of knee pads and a full face helmet are required.

Hydration Pack

Try out one of our EVOC demo packs available for use free of charge, or bring your own. Please reserve your demo pack in advance.

Riding Clothes and Accessories

We suggest you bring the following at a minimum:

  • 3 sets of riding clothes (laundry facilities are available at our lodge)
  • bike shoes
  • bike gloves, 2 sets
  • waterproof and windproof shell jacket
  • extra warm layer for any cold days in the alpine
  • sunglasses with different lenses for sunny or muddy days

Comfortable Clothing

Pack comfortable clothes for after your rides, time spent lounging at the beach or going out for dinners

  • warm evening clothes
  • clothes for around the campfire
  • swim suit and towel for the beach and hot springs

Other Items to Bring

  • toiletries
  • camera and charger
  • phone charger
  • electrical adapter, if needed
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray