Come helibiking with us! We are Revelstoke’s original helibike tour operator and we have more helibiking experience than anyone!

Mt. ****** Heli Drop

The Mt. ****** trail is one of the most iconic helibiking trails on the planet! From its incredible rocky summit to the Columbia River below, this 100% singletrack trail measures in at 17km in length with a little over 7000 feet of descending! A must ride!

10K Heli Day

The ultimate day of helibiking and shuttling! Descend more than 10,000 vertical feet in one single day on this tour designed for advanced riders only. You’ll ride the best trails on Boulder Mountain and the iconic Mt. ****** helidrop trail, one of the best trails on the planet!

3 Day - Heli Hangover

An incredible weekend of guided enduro riding by pedal power, truck shuttle and helicopter! Introducing the Heli Hangover - All of our best enduro rides crammed into one unforgettable weekend!